October 10, 2001

      Hey everyone!  It's been a while since I have updated my commentary, sorry, but I have been busy.  Work, traveling, and just in general trying to live life.  My heart goes out to the family and victims of the horrible WTC incident, it was uncalled for.  I hope everyone's life is getting back to normal.  I realized how quickly life can be taken away and I just wanted to let everyone I care for know how much they mean to me. 
     Onto better things now, I finally made my Chicago debut on September 22, 2001 for Lunatic Wrestling Federation (www.lwfwrestling.com).  I was the valet for Brandon Bishop, and we are part of the Whack Pack, headed by the one and only Billy Whack.  I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone there.  I was there for the weekend and had a nice time.  The show was really solid; I was impressed with the amount of talent and work that went into the show.  Some of the most notable matches were the Double M match, the Furies are good in my opinion, very good psychology, and Havoc really held his own against Vic and Brandon, especially with two other people, myself and Billy Whack, at ringside.  Airborne did a good job turning heel, and I think he really worked the crowd on that one.  Charkoal, Supreme, and Maverick chased us out.  As we were leaving the ring, CM Punk came on the Lunatron, and did a promo announcing that he will be back at the next show, Devil's Night on October 27, 2001 in Midlothian, IL.  I have never seen CM Punk work, but I have heard many good things about him and look forward to seeing him wrestle.  I can't wait for the next show, it's shaping up to be an incredible night.
     I will be moving to St. Louis with a friend of mine near the end of October.  We will be celebrating my birthday the weekend of the LWF show while we are in Chicago.  I will be living in St. Louis for a few weeks in order to make my transition to Chicago a little smoother.  I am really excited, and glad to be leaving Las Vegas.  It gets really old here really fast. 
     I look forward to October 27, and hope to see everyone there!
Heather Lynn 
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